So Choon Siang

So Choon Siang

Journalist, Lianhe Zaobao

Before joining Lianhe Zaobao in January 2012, So Choon Siang was Sin Chew Daily's deputy chief reporter of Johor, Malaysia. After joining Lianhe Zaobao, he has been covering politics, diplomacy, political economy and social trends in Malaysia and Indonesia, focusing especially on the bilateral relationship between Malaysia and Singapore.

Malaysia's Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim speaks during an event at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra on 7 March 2024. (David Gray/AFP)

[Big read] Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim: Maintaining good relations with both China and the US

With Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim in the role as head of government for more than a year, his stance on foreign policy and relations with China and other countries is becoming clearer. Anwar's role on the international stage may gain even greater prominence with Malaysia’s chairmanship of ASEAN coming up next year. Meanwhile, he will also need to contend with garnering domestic support, especially among the Malay community. Lianhe Zaobao journalist So Choon Siang speaks with academics to find out more.